Creators, Makers, Pioneers.

We at eHandler, make sure the customer's requirement is fulfilled with passion and innovation -that's the path to sustain and achieve both market and technological leadership.

We are a group of young and enthusiastic doers who believes in creating innovation and delivering promises with your desired work. We are a small & confined group of people who studied Masters in Science in Germany and now our motto is to help contribute in the revolutionizing SCM Industry.

We think always one step ahead. We are actively promoting and trying to shape the technological transformation in ways that are future-oriented and responsible. Our products and services are adapted differently based on company's profile and your requirements, and they are among the best and Yes, based & inspired from German Technology.

Take your e-commerce logistics to a new level.

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We at eHandler, turn entrepreneurial thinking into customer success.

At eHandler, compliance is more than just a word. Always and in every possible way, we act according to our Fundamentals and the Groups's CSR Values. Our Code of Conduct requires all employees to act in an ethical manner and obey all applicable laws.

Delivery Service For Ecommerce Delivery Service For Ecommerce


Our group-wide beliefs guide our actions.

We are new in the market leadership but we lead the way. With and for our consumers, this approach makes us successful. We are an internationally technology Group inspired from German tech with a strong local presence. We deliver customer success by creating value through ideation, innovation and seamless execution. While doing so we respond quickly to their needs, and we build the ecosystems that our customers use to master the challenges that face them.

And yes, we can do much and much more!
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Delivery Service For Ecommerce Delivery Service For Ecommerce
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