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We are not just another traditional provider of supply chain services. Our portfolio is widely diversified: Alongside the usual logistics services such as warehousing and storage, picking, re-labeling and eCommerce packaging, transport management, and comprehensive value-added services, we develop and operate complex supply chains, global e-commerce platforms, and customer-centric linear channel solutions.
We rely on intelligent IT solutions and innovative technologies. We believe in Innovation and Technology. Leverage our ability to identify opportunities and implement tailored solutions to fit your commerce.

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Warehousing And Storage

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Your stuff - Our Place. Procure the right amount of storage space for your products while only paying for the space you need. When it comes to the success of yor global supply chain, optimizing your warehousing strategy is essential.

Last Mile

Get your products where they need to be, even as demand surges. We have a wide network of darkstores across major cities in India hence covering distances in shorter period. Your packet is safe and reaches to you securely within the same/next day. Our Last Mile service promises to deliver your packet before ETA and with the affordable costs.

Return Management

Returns can be a headache but for us this is the most favourite part. We are experts in handling your e-commerce returns and especially optimizing it. Our promise is to reduce and optimize your returns and the cost. At eHandler, returns are handled very smoothly and we try our best to reduce your costs and setting up your revenue again.

Packaging and Re-labelling

Packaging and Re-Labelling is ready to go with us. Just send us your designs and requirements and you're easy to go. We deal rapid fast in barcodes Be ensure with us in your packaging stuff as we use all the latest technology and that too conveniently.

Darkstores Network

Now store your goods at our nearest darkstore considering high frequency of your customer’s orders and stay connected with us through our cloud- based WMS. We pack and deliver your eCommerce products within the same/next day itself with more affordable rates. Our darkstores are small places which are located in city centers and are ready-to-go for quicker deliveries.

Transport Management Systems

Connect. Automate. Optimize. Drive efficiency and savings into your supply chain with our configurable, best-in-class Transportation Management System (TMS).

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Warehousing And Storage Warehousing And Storage
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