About Us

Passionate about Fulfillment.
Inspired by our team.
Who We are?

Empowering, elevating and expanding businesses is what we love and do at eHandler. Our network and LaaS platform bring together logistics experts, tech enthusiasts and modern consumer brands with the brightest ideas. Welcome to the world of eHandler.

Our team Consists of Master graduates and ex-Amazonians from Germany, with experience as logistic professionals and expertise in Operations Management and structuring supply chains of MSMEs.

Our Vision

One order at a time.

Creating an ecosystem of warehousing, logistics and eCommerce brands where we think operations and logistics as an asset rather liability. For us, Distance doesn’t matter.

We are not an another logistics company, we define ourselves by taking your brand from bottom to top.

Our Mission

At eHandler, our mission is to revolutionize logistics through agile and tech-driven solutions. We are committed to optimizing supply chains, enhancing efficiency, and fostering seamless global connectivity.

By leveraging innovation and a customer-centric approach, we aim to empower businesses with reliable, cost-effective, and sustainable logistics services, propelling them towards unprecedented growth in the dynamic world of commerce.”

Think eCommerce. Think eHandler.