Win customers for
life with returns

Transform returns from a cost center into a retention tool. Create a branded return experience that will drive more sales and delight your buyers!

Capture and Analyze your returns

Returns are the biggest liability of an eCommerce business.

Returns are killing your revenue and business. Analyze the reasons of return through our dashboard and reduce the returns by creating a funnel.

Maintain income with profits

Exchanges are greater than refunds.

We recommend using Store-Credit through our portal for returns rather than cash refunds. converting returns into a fresh chance for customers to visit your establishment.

Lessen the workload for your support staff.

Customers have the flexibility to initiate a return at any time, saving your support staff a great deal of time.

Utilizing the returns portal to obtain insightful data that will help you enhance your product assortment and identify the primary causes of returns.

Go printerless!

Increase conversion by up to 86% by adding fast delivery tags to your product pages.

Give your customers the delivery options they like and the reassurance they crave with accurate ETA for a satisfying shopping experience.

Get Prime badges on all your Amazon products to maximize visibility with increased sales.

Your return experience is an extension of your brand

eHandler offers operational excellence to enhance your brand’s success and delight customers PAN India with fast fulfillment and memorable unboxing experiences that can become popular on each Marketplace.

Leverage our warehouse network and multiple shipping providers to reach your customers smarter, faster and cheaper..

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